Calculate your predicted VO2max and 40km time time

Fill in your correct bodyweight (kg) and peak power output (Watts)

  Bodyweight:   kg        
  PPO   Watts    
  Predicted VO2max:   ml/min/kg * SEE: 2.16 ml/min/kg    
    l/min   * SEE: 0.15 l/min    
  Predicted 40km TTtime: seconds   * SEE: 52 s    
    (hh:mm:ss) * SEE: 52 s    
  Predicted 40km TT power: W   * SEE: 12W    
Reference: R.P. Lamberts, M.I. Lambert, J. Swart, T.D. Noakes. Allometric scaling of peak power output accurately predicts time trial performance and maximal oxygen consumption in trained cyclists. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2012;45(1):36-41

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