For calculating your predicted VO2max and 40km TT time - please click here


 This online calculating spreadsheet allows you to calculate your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and indoor 40km time time (40km TT) based on your Peak Power Output (PPO) and bodyweight. These calculations are based on an article on allometric scaling paper by R.P. Lamberts *.


You are free to use the spreadsheet for personal use, if used for commercial or scientific purposes please reference the scientific paper below.


*Reference: R.P. Lamberts, M.I. Lambert, J. Swart, T.D. Noakes. Allometric scaling of peak power output accurately predicts time trial performance and maximal oxygen consumption in trained cyclists. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2012;45(1):36-41


For calculating your predicted Functional threshold power (FTP) - please click here


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For calculating your predicted PPO and VO2max based on riding performance - please click here



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